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The Calypso® Mango Dress

A year 12 student has created a spectacular dress from an unexpected source – the husk from one of Australia’s favourite summer fruits, a Calypso® mango. It’s food sustainability straight from the Farm – Creating Fashion from Recycled Food Waste.
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Totally Irresistible

With a unique pink blush, smaller seed, and juicy, fibre-free flesh, Calypso® mangoes are perfectly beautiful and perfectly delicious. Irresistible on their own, they’re also the perfect way to liven up salads, drinks, desserts, dips and everything in between.

Mouth-watering recipes

When it comes to creating delicious summer recipes nothing adds that perfect golden glow of goodness quite like a Calypso® mango.
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Meet our growers

Our growers live across Australia, and they are truly inspirational people! They live and work the land to produce our wonderful Calypso® Mango crops season after season, building a future for their children, their farmhands and other workers, and their families.