How to cut a Calypso® Mango

Cutting a Calypso® Mango is easy once you know how! The “hedgehog” is the best way to create cubes of Calypso® Mango, ready for you to use in your favourite recipe or eat fresh – yum!

  1. Stand your Calypso® Mango on its “beak” end, with the stem facing you. The flat edges of the seed run in line with the widest part of the mango, with a cheek either side.
  2. Position your knife just to the side of the stem and cut straight down from top to bottom. Your knife will skim past the seed.
  3. Cut a criss-cross pattern in the flesh of the cheek, being careful not to cut through the skin.
  4. Holding the cheek with the criss-cross pattern up, gently push the skin upwards, as if you were turning the cheek inside out.
  5. Your “hedgehog” is now ready… to remove the cubes from the skin, gently slide your knife under each cube to slide them off.

What if I want to slice my Calypso® Mango?

If you don’t want to create cubes, it’s just as easy to slice your Calypso® Mango. The firmer flesh means you won’t end up with mushy mango by the time you’re done.

Simply cut each cheek away from the seed following Step 2 above. Cut each cheek into segments from top to bottom, cutting each segment at your desired width.

With a sharp knife simply peel the skin away from the flesh…… Voila! You have sweet juicy segments of Calypso® Mango for any occasion including a slice in your favourite glass of champagne.

You can even freeze these segments so you have the great taste of Calypso® Mango all year round for using in recipes, such as ice cream, sorbet, gelato or your favourite smoothies & cocktails.