Why Export Calypso® Mangoes?

Calypso® mangoes with their unique characteristics are a popular mango for export.

Calypso® mangoes have excellent shelf life, small seeds, firm fibre-less flesh and high blush. With its firmer flesh, the fruit will withstand the journey along the supply chain to the consumer’s end basket. Calypsos® arrive looking fresh on the shelf and with their long shelf-life ultimately means a better margin for retailers.

There are massive export opportunities for Calypso® mangoes particularly in South East Asia, the Middle East, Canada and the US and Perfection Fresh Australia is well positioned to capitalise on these growth opportunities.

For all export enquires please email export@perfection.com.au


For export, Calypso® Mangoes have a supply window from October – February, with peak supply over November and December.

With a focus on the Asian market,
we are able to export to


PMC QTY 544 800
SIZE 16-18 14-16
BRANDING Calypso® fruit sticker
GRADE Premium / Class 1
DELIVERY Daily / Weekly
20FT Pending trials
STORAGE 14-16 degrees
Hong Kong Yes
Singapore Yes
Indonesia Yes
Malaysia Yes
China Yes
Korea Pending
Japan Pending

Calypso® Mango Handling

  1. DO NOT refrigerate
    Keep your Calypso® Mangoes at ambient
    temperature in the produce stock room or on
    display on the shop floor by creating large
    luscious displays to more stock quickly.
  2. Only have 24-48 hours worth of stock on
    hand at any time.
  3. Leave Calypso® Mangoes in their original cartons and only merchandise the top layer.

Building a Display

Step 1
Save empty cartons to build your spillover displays

Step 2
Leave Calypso® mangoes in their original carton and only merchandise the top layer – the cartons below are empty.

Step 3
Re-fill displays throughout the day to ensure freshness! Check stock levels often.

For all export enquires please email export@perfection.com.au