About Calypso® Mangoes

It was introduced in 1999, the first new mango variety in over 30 years, and it really shook up the Australian market.

Calypso® Mangoes are a specific mango variety scientifically known as the B74… but Calypso® Mango sounds so much better! Perfection Fresh owns the marketing rights, while the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Just Avocados Pty Ltd developed and own the variety itself. Perfection Fresh control and manage the growing and propagation process to ensure that all Calypso® Mangoes meet our criteria for the “Perfect Mango”.

The variety owners have spent 20 years developing the B74 variety, which is the “daughter” of a Kensington Pride and a Sensation. They’ve taken the best of both varieties and combined them into one – giving you the most visibly beautiful and delicious mango experience every time, for any occasion.


Perfection Fresh Australia is one of the country’s largest family-owned fresh-produce businesses. The company works closely with more than 250 growers of proprietary lines and commodity fruits and vegetables in major production regions around Australia. The business is renowned for leading innovation in agriculture having introduced some of Australia’s best loved produce brands such as Broccolini®, Qukes® baby snacking cucumbers, Vine Sweet Minicaps® baby capsicums, Kumato® tomato and Berry Perfection® raspberries and blueberries. Explore the world of taste.

Our People

Not only do we have a dedicated grower group who produce our delicious Calypso® mangoes, we also have a team around the country from packing, shipping, marketing, quality assurance and of course our dedicated sales team. Our strategically located team around Australia ensure our Calypso® mangoes once picked from farm arrive to your plate in the perfection condition.

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