Selecting your Calypso® Mango

Calypso® Mangoes are ripe and ready to eat when you buy them in store, but there are times when you want one that’s ripe and ready to eat today and other times when you will want to savour it for tomorrow.

How can you tell which one to choose?

These tips will help you pick the perfect Calypso® Mango for today, as well as one for tomorrow…

The Beak Test

Your Calypso® Mango is perfect when the beak end (not the one with the stem) gives just slightly to gentle pressure from your thumb… be careful not to press too hard!

If it’s too soft, the mango is too ripe (but would be perfect to puree), if it’s firm you’ll need to store for a day or two before it’s perfect.

Distinct Blush Colour

Calypso® Mangoes have a much higher percentage of blush than other varieties. To ensure your Calypso® is ready to eat make sure there is no green tinge to the skin and it has turned golden yellow in colour.

If you prefer to keep your mangoes in the fruit bowl for a few days be sure to pick the mango with a green tinge so they ripen naturally over a few days. This is also a great option if you prefer your mango not as sweet.